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U.S. Amada's ATL Automated
Blanking Line & Stacker

Completely Computerized
Precision Blanking

Our acquisition of the revolutionary ATL Blanking Line now makes it possible for us to hold tolerances up to +- .010.  The Line is completely automated via a computerized programming unit, which eliminates human error from the start to finish.  That translates into a uniform precision blank that guarantees less scrap on your CNC equipment and less labor cost in your shop.

ATL (Head) - " The fully automated ATL Blanking Line with CNC controls can hold tolerances up to +- .010

Quality Blanks From Quality Machinery

No product can exceed the limitations of the machinery on which it's made. So our shop features shears made by Cincinnati, an acknowledged leader in precision machinery.  To reduce the possibility of human error, the shears are equipped with CNC back gauges that measure your blanks to perfection.

SHEARS - "Computerized back gauges ensure precision blanking"

Flat Blanks... Every Time

To produce the flattest steel possible, coils run on our Stamco Leveling Line pass through a Herr-Voss Leveling Head.  The head has rollers that adjust independently to completely flatten the coil.  Then, our Unico Electronic measuring system takes over, measuring blanks to your exact length specifications.

Machine-Ready Blanks

Raco's blanks undergo thorough firsthand inspection by our shop foreman.  By the time they initialize your job, you're assured of flat, quality precision blanks that are machine-ready.  Because of our total dedication to shearing, our shop personnel are well trained to meet or surpass your exacting demands for precision.

Leveling Line- "Coils up to 50,000 lbs. are uniformly leveled by the Herr-Voss Corrective Leveler Head on our Stamco Leveling Line. Accurate measuring is done by our Unico Measuring System."

Consider our Coil Slitter...

We can supply your slit coil needs as well.  With our 48" Paxon Slitter we can produce slit coil as narrow as 1 1/32" wide with gauges ranging from 22 through 1/4 inch.  Our fully automated Branner packaging system assures you that your skid requirements are fully met.

Coil Slitter - "Coil weights up to 42,000#.  Slit widths from 1 1/32 with width tolerances of +- .005. Gauges from .028 to .250

Completely Enclosed Docks...

We can now load Closed Vans as well as Flatbed trucks in our new, Completely Enclosed Loading Docks.  This ensures a weather protected product delivered to your dock.  We also have the ability to load with an Overhead Crane.

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