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ISO 9001 
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Raco Steel Company

Quality Management System

Raco Steel Company is ISO 9001 Certified and registered with the SIRA Certification Services.  On September 21, 2001, after only 10 months of preparation, Raco became certified according to the most recently approved international standard of organization:  ISO 9001-2000.

Individuals representing each of the company's departments enforce the Quality Management System (QMS).  Raco's Quality Assurance Manager / Management Representative, in addition to 5 other members of the Quality Assurance Team, received formal education that qualifies them for their positions.

Raco's Quality Policy, documented below, sets the foundation for Raco's QMS and is supported by our Company's stated values and beliefs.  These values and beliefs provide guidelines that help to insure that we achieve the following objectives:

-  Customer Focus
-  Total Employee Participation
-  Continuous Improvement

Raco's ISO 9001-2000 QMS establishes procedures for providing products and services that exceed our customers' expectations.  Raco's QMS is documented in our Quality Manual, which also describes how the Company's organizational structure and employee requirements are devised.


Our Mission, Quality Policy, Objectives & Values

Our Mission

"Customer Satisfaction through Precision Excellence"

Our Quality Policy

We will consistently uphold "Precision Excellence," by achieving Customer Satisfaction, through the production of the highest quality steel blanks, leveled sheets, slit coil, and through the performance excellence of our people.

Our Objectives & Values

We will maintain and advance Raco Steel Company's established position as a leader in the steel service indusrty.  We will continue to specialize in the areas of process control, human resources, and in the employment of the finest, most state-of-the-art steel processing equipment.

We will achieve Customer Satisfaction by focusing on the unique specifications of our customers' in all aspects of the steel service process.

We will work as a team, by actively and proactively assisting our coworkers, and by articulating our thoughts and ideas in a professional and constructive manner.  We will regularly evaluate and continually improve our quality system.

Raco Steel Company's' Mission & Quality Policy emphasizes our commitment to our Customers.  It is communicated to all employees and is recorded and displayed in strategic places within our facility where it can be continually reviewed.

Our valued customers' requirements and specifications are thoroughly examined, approved, and converted into "Special Instructions," so that production and quality processes can be implemented and developed to insure that all requirements are met.  In this way, Raco is able to achieve "Precision Excellence" on a daily basis.

A copy of our ISO 9001 Certificate is available upon request.

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