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About Raco

 Raco Steel Co.

Raco Steel Company
2100 W. 163rd Place
Markham, IL  60426
Phone: (708) 596-0800
Fax:     (708) 596-0313

Founded in 1952,  Raco Steel Company is celebrating 54 years of successful service to the metal working industry.


- Raco Steel Company is an organization in constant pursuit of excellence,  whose reputation and reliability will be its impetus for growth.

- Through leadership in process control, human resources, and state-of- the-art technology, we will build in such a degree of reliability that we will truly differentiate our company as a unique flat rolled steel resource.

- We will create value in our product and in our service by keeping promises, solving challenging problems, and by being a reliable supplier.

- We will build in reliability by performing to our customers' specifications, and by promising delivery dates that we can keep.

- Commitment to quality is the foundation upon which we will build our reputation and our company.  We recognize that each employee's quality contribution to the process of finishing steel and to delivering products will result in our customers' reliance on the high quality that we promise.

- A feeling of mutual respect and cooperation amongst all employees at Raco Steel Company will be maintained at all times with our energies directed toward achieving our mission.

- We will make certain that our fellow employees can rely on our performance so that our customers can rely on Raco Steel.

- To establish long term relationships with our customers by maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.

- To establish a spirit of unity!  Employees are the most important asset any company has!

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